My values guide the way I work with my clients and with my business partners:

Excellence: I strive to be the best in everything I do. I am always learning and improving. I seek and embrace change. I always deliver on my promises.

Caring: I care about all the people I work with. I build lasting relationships with my clients and business partners, based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.

Integrity & Respect: I carry out my work with integrity and with the highest ethical standards. I show respect to all and I value all individuals for their diverse background and experience. I deal fairly, honestly and in good faith with my clients and business partners.

I offer impartial and unbiased support, as well as management expertise, together with a good eye for detail and a strong commitment to helping you run a successful business.

More specifically:

Policies and manuals


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Systems and processes


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Marketing strategy


Update your website or design a new website? Social media strategy? Make the most of or check the performance of your online presence

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Proposals & tenders, service level agreements, job descriptions, emails to staff & clients:

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